Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Thankful Tuesday 2!

Last week I was thankful for various aspects of my family and faith...this week:

1.  My friends.  In particular, a friend named Katie who introduced me to a very exciting product, company, and opportunity several months ago...and as of this week I am beginning my own journey with this company as well!

2.  My first network marketing mentors, who showed me a few years ago that this industry really does work - and continue to provide me with amazing training and support.  Because of them I dare to dream of a lifestyle that no other industry can offer to me and my family.

3.  I am thankful for the honesty of those same mentors mentioned in #2.  They have always been upfront about this industry being just as much work as anything else, and how long it truly takes to build a successful team and residual income.

4.  I am thankful for my many many teachers.  My entire life, I have been blessed with having the right teacher walk into my life and impart the wisdom I desperately needed at the time.  Often several at once are active in my life at any given time.  These amazing people have been (and continue to be) guiding angels in my path.

5.  My Husband's family.  They embody the values of generosity and loyalty to a fault, and I am so very lucky to have them in my life (and always cheering me towards success, just like my own family always does!).  I can't really describe how awesome it is to walk through life knowing that we have the full support of both our families in all our endeavors.  It's something I never take for granted, knowing that not all unions are so blessed in this way.

What are your 5 this week?

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