Monday, February 24, 2014

Welcome to Abundant Pathways!

We are all on journeys seeking abundance in our lives, wandering along our own paths (or our own stairways to heaven on earth, if you prefer that imagery).

This blog is all about finding and creating abundance in your life - creating financial abundance, and taking special notice of all the forms of abundance already in our lives waiting to be appreciated.  This is a place to celebrate and show appreciation for the awesome things in life, both tangible and intangible...and a place to develop new ideas and skills to attract even more awesomeness all around us.

In terms of articles about creating financial abundance, expect to read a great deal about network marketing and direct sales, but also about managing what you already have in your budget.  I mention this simply because those are two of the main avenues that I use to enhance the prosperity of my family. There are many other pathways out there, and at some point I'd love to know enough of other people's stories to be able to write about them, or recruit successful individuals for guest posts on how they have achieved their high levels of success and abundance.  (Without a doubt, I know that the word "persistence" is going to be involved.)

As for the myriad other ways that we experience abundance - spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, etc - it has been my experience that the more I take notice of the great abundance of these gifts in my life, the greater they become simply by my acknowledgement and appreciation.  Which is pretty awesome all by itself.  So expect to read quite a bit of me pointing out cool things I see going on in the world around me too.  I know there's plenty going on in the world that is, in fact, completely terrible and horrific...but this place is set aside for empowering great things, not lamenting the problems and challenges we all still face.  Any mention here of problems and challenges will be in the context of solving and overcoming them, on the way to finding greater happiness and fulfillment.

An interesting note here, is that while many forms of abundance seem to increase automatically just by paying closer attention to what already exists around that increasing financial abundance seems to require more than simple awareness and appreciation.  While those actions certainly help, they are not enough alone. Which is one of the main reasons why increasing financial abundance will be a major subject of exploration and study!

Thank you for choosing to share this exciting journey with me!

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